Big Fish "Brand Identity"

Big Fish Entertainment has established themselves as one of the nation's leading independent production companies. From VH1’s mega-hit multi-series franchise Black Ink Crew, to Esquire’s groundbreaking Bomb Patrol Afghanistan, to the Gates Foundation Reality PD public schools project, Big Fish captures and relates extraordinary worlds, characters, and stories that entertain. 


Branded Content


Big Fish Entertainment


Creative Director


We created a new logo design and extended the brand identity to a logo animation. The concept of the animation was to convey the company's forward thinking and limitless nature, and reflect their status as big fish in the industry.

Therefore, we created an underwater world full of fish to embody the adventurous spirit and big goals the company aspires towards.


Client: Big Fish Entertainment
Creative Director: Paul K. Lee
Lead Design: Bryan Lee
Logo Design: Bryan Lee
3D Artist: Mark Branton, Ryan Kaplan
Compositing: Paul K. Lee, Ryan Kaplan