Ethos Society

Ethos Society is a communal workspace where dreamers share, gather, engage, evolve, focus, accomplish their dreams, and become doers.


Brand Identity, Strategy, Print, Digital & Web


Ethos Society


Creative Director



As a new entrant within a rapidly expanding industry, Ethos Society needed to establish itself as a premium offering within the coworking and private office vertical in addition to connecting its customers to its brand like no other coworking space had done before.


We dug deep into our client’s motto, “Where Dreamers Become Doers”, and built branding around emphasizing accessibility, support, and community as vehicles to encourage customers in moving their enterprises forward. 

Brand Identity

Inspired by the interior design, we aspired to design an identity system that was open, refined, and integrated graphics and shapes from the logo.


Competitor and Customer Research

Based on our initial market research and brand positioning, we understood that Ethos Society is positioned as a premium co-working service, and that branding should resonate with an audience that (1) had a refined eye for design and (2) were looking for added value through clear and simple messaging.

Build a Community


Digital Content

  • Based on audience and competitor research, we developed advertising campaigns and tailored creative assets to target start up companies, freelancers, and creatives based in Los Angeles

  • Segmenting creatives and audiences for social accounts (Culture, Value, Space, Members)

  • A/B testing for social ads

  • High-quality creative output: web, photo, video, and design


Client: Ethos Society
Creative Agency: Imagination At Play
Creative Director: Paul K. Lee
Photos: ©Gensler / Ryan Gobuty, Paul K. Lee, Austin Han
Design: Paul K. Lee, Minji Choi, Siyun Oh, Grace Jo
Editing: Austin Han, Paul K. Lee
PA: Brandon Corvera, Leah Weaver, Reina Strauss

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