Family Channel Rebrand

Family Channel is a Canadian English channel that is fun, spontaneous, pumped, and connected aimed towards preteens to teenagers ages 11–19.

I led a team that developed a look and feel using abstract shapes with a humorous, balloon-like look flow onto the screen and encapsulate program messaging in a clear, direct manner. The color palette of vivid oranges, blues, yellows, and purples has a universal appeal while still containing the feeling of spontaneity and chaotic fun that audiences have come to expect from Family Channel.


Brand Guidelines, Graphics Tool Kit, Design, Video Production, Animation


Family Channel


Associate Creative Director



Family Channel was looking to create a rebrand that embodied the spirit of the modern family, reflecting kids; lives and aspirations in a way that was always real, always engaging, and never, ever a dull moment.


“Family Channel: Where fun happens.” This was the concept we created that brought focus to the fact that they believed in, “never a dull moment,” and the fun and spontaneity of the network. We took this idea, and created an on-air look of the programming that reflected the diversity of the audience, with distinct packages for boys, girls, and the whole family. Each package appealed to a select audience, while still conveying the feeling of nonstop fun and excitement generated by Family Channel programming.


Embrace the Third Dimension

In all of the packages, one element remains absolutely consistent: the ubiquitous Family Channel logo. No matter where it’s featured—on-air, online, or in print—the logo should retain its 3-dimensionality. In the move from flat circle to rounded sphere, the logo becomes a recognizable object that contains within itself the totality of the Family Channel brand.

The 3-dimensionality of the logo is carried through in the 3-dimensionality of all the graphic packages. Family Channel is anything but flat and boring. It’s a vibrant, 3-dimensional world where everyone in the family can hang out and be assured a great time, every time.


Client: Cisco
Agency: VHF
Animation Studio: Imagination At Play
Creative Direction: Paul K. Lee
Producer: Patrick Lee
Designers: Angie Son, Meira Kim, Paul K. Lee


Our design thinking methods was a combination of the exploration process, which was a variation of our invention cycle, and research about what engages and appeal to kids.


Everything from colors to shapes, to simple animation tests, our team explored and created unique and fun shapes using bright colors that were perceived better to kids. Based on the research, children prefer brighter colors that are more stimulating and interesting to them. We also applied subtle motions to the animations that kept the eye stimulated throughout the videos.


Client: Family Channel Canada
Creative Directors: Terry Lee, Vasil Hnatiuk
Associate Creative Director: Paul K. Lee
Executive Producer: Sarah Cole
Producer: Ila Taluban, Elaina Porter
Design: My Tran, Robyn Lee
Animation: Mitchell Anderson, Blake Beynon, Justin Wilcott, Scott Friedman, Chris Abbey, Tri Do, My Tran, Anthony Mai