Punk'd 2.0 Rebrand

This project was for MTV’s show Punk’d rebrand show package. MTVʼs key programming demographic at the time was a teenage girl. Furthermore, with all the media distractions available to these girls, the challenge of the show was to appeal to the poppy and aspirational visual lexicon of these girls while still maintaining what is inherently cool and edge about the Punkʼd brand.


Broadcast & Network Package


MTV Punkd


Creative Direction & Design



We wanted our designs to appeal to MTVʼs key demographic while still maintaining what is cool, hip, and disruptive about the show. The entire look had to be different; since the new format had changed completely.

Visually, everything had to feel fresh and new so went with a digital glitch concept, paired with a poppy neon color scheme. For the logo design, we went with all caps to create a sense of boldness, but with the same edginess of the brand.

punkd mood board.png


During our research phase, we drew inspiration from data glitches, bright bold graphics, pop art, and teen culture. 

Logo Design FINAL Explorations



Client: Katalyst Network / MTV Networks
Creative Direction: Paul K. Lee
Executive Producer: Bryan Lee
Designers: Paul K. Lee, Bryan Lee
Final Logo: Bryan Lee