Rumble Films

Rumble Films is an independent production company at the forefront of unique and exciting filmmaking. With Oscar-winning Sundance success WHIPLASH, Oscar-nominated NIGHTCRAWLER, and 2011 cult film DRIVE starring Ryan Gosling under their belt, Rumble strives to create studio quality, fiscally responsible cinema, with a focus on visionary filmmakers.

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Branded Content


Rumble Films


Creative Director


My role was to conceptualize and create Rumble Films’ main logo animation to be played during the opening credits of their films. The concept was to show a multi-layered logo animation coming together to form a 2D logo in an environment filled with rumbling sound waves.

The layers created a sense of depth that represented the diverse range of films the company produces. The end result was a logo animation that embodied the essence of Rumble Films as well as the essence of film production itself.


Client: Rumble Films
Agency: VHF
Creative Director: Paul K. Lee
Design: Paul K. Lee
Sound Design: 740 Sound
Animators: Eric Kim, Paul K. Lee